Hotel Villa Ruscello


The garden of Hotel Villa Ruscello is partly lake side and partly mountain side. The lake side garden overlooks the Borromean Islands and includes a large private and free parking which at night time is closed by an electric gate. For motor bikers: our hotel has garage space to store motorbikes. Next to the parking area there is a relaxation area which includes a gazebo equipped with a table and chairs, and a brick barbecue.
In addition, there is a small private beach with a dock, where you can relax in the sun and enjoy the gorgeous view of the Borromean Islands.
The mountain side garden is a typical terraced Italian garden enriched with geometric flowerbeds and full of camellias, azlaeas, rhododendrons and palm trees. The palm trees are Livistona Chinensis, a variety originating from China and introduced in Europe in 1818.
Between the Villa and the Dependence there is a creek, the Riale Corto, which springs from Monte Croce della Tola (977 metres above sea level) located beneath mount Mottarone (1491 metres above sea level). The creek, with a few waterfalls, flows into Lake Maggiore.
The garden has two accesses to the street. The gates are closed during the night.